Sit to Stand Desk: VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Review

Sit to stand desks are getting some serious attention lately, and for good reason too.

The ill-effects of a sedentary lifestyle are no secret. In fact, the risks are well documented.

It’s true. Your chair could be killing you.

Health expert James A Levine of Mayo clinic insists, “for every hour we spend sitting in our chairs, we lose two hours of our lives.”

Throwing years down the drain doesn’t sound like much fun to me! So, here’s the deal:

If you’re even slightly health conscious then you’ll want to pay attention.

If you suffer from back and neck pain then you’ll want to pay attention.

If you’re on the fence, then you’re welcome to stay there and make up your mind later.

If you’d just like to jazz up your workstation and be the office pioneer then keep reading.

A sit to stand desk can be a game changer. After reading this post you’ll be better equipped to change the way you work and feel.

The VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Sit to Stand Desk

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Why the VARIDESK Sit to Stand Desk?


stand up desks

VARIDESK are a cut above the rest. The pro plus 36 allows you to effortlessly turn your existing workstation into a sit to stand desk. Your desk will be ready to use within the same time it takes you to boil the kettle.

This best selling adjustable standing desk is the complete package. It transforms any workspace into a comfortable, energizing and productive environment.

It comes in a variety of styles and sizes. The two-tier design provides a spacious upper and lower deck which accommodates all of your equipment and more.

The Pro Plus 36 features VARIDESKS patented spring-assisted mechanism which does all the work for you.

  1. The spring assisted lift mechanism fully accommodates sitting or standing. Effortlessly raise or lower your desk in seconds! A true sit to stand desk.
  2. The spring loaded boost mechanism makes raising your monitors and other work accessories a breeze. Remaining sturdy and stable even when fully extended.
  3. A height adjustable standing desk that provides 11 different height settings for your ergonomic comfort. Never feel uncomfortable again.


sit to stand desk

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VARIDESK lets you sit or stand with zero-hassle


Most stand up desks on the market are geared towards purely standing.


So instead of countless hours sitting in front of a screen. You’re now expected to stand.

Let me give you a heads up…. Bad idea!

Remember, your body wants to move. It wasn’t designed for long periods of inactivity – whether that be in the form of sitting or standing.

Fortunately, VARIDESK have got your back. Their innovative sit to stand desk solution makes switching between sitting and standing completely effortless.

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A Sit to Stand Desk will support you to:

  • Sit or stand whenever you feel the urge
  • Effortlessly adjust the height of your desk….
  • Never get stuck in an uncomfortable position again!
  • Move at will and be active throughout your day….
  • Conveniently adjust the height without the hassle of moving any equipment

All of this is possible with just a simple squeeze of the varidesk dual handles. Raise and lower your workstation in literally seconds.



Not All Stand Up Desks Are Created Equally


Ultimately the best sit to stand desk will be the one you’re actually going to use.

Take the juicer I have for example. I can’t remember much about it because it never gets used! Why doesn’t it get used? Well, it’s one of those masticating juicers that take forever. Bottom line is – It’s a pain in the proverbial a**!

It now lives out the rest of it’s days in the box it arrived in. best standing desk

Likewise, there are plenty of inconvenient stand up desks out there. The last thing you need when trying to make a new habit stick is for it to be a pain in the a**.

Here’s a tip: eradicate the perceived pain and stack the cards in your favour. The VARIDESK is painless and you’ll be more inclined to stick to your new habits.

Like the majority of VARIDESK users, you’ll end up loving your new desk. It will change the way you work and feel.

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 The VARIDESK Sit to Stand Desk Ensures….

  • NO excuses for you not to use your sit to stand desk. EVEN on those lazy days!varidesk-sit-to-stand
  • NO time wasted messing around with fiddly functions…
  • NO frustration trying to get comfortable at your workstation…
  • NO electric motors or noisy mechanisms that distract and disrupt…
  • NO wasted time and energy trying to adjust your desk up and down…
  • NO concerns about the stability of the desk due to the varidesk weighted base…
  • ZERO worries regarding set up. It arrives fully assembled and ready to use.

There’s no cranking levers or fiddly operations when adjusting your desk.                                     Just use the simple dual handle design to effortlessly adjust the height.

You won’t be wasting precious time when switching from seated to standing. It’s literally done for you in seconds – so you can focus your attention on what really matters.


==> Change the way you work and feel <<< take control of your health today

An Incredibly Convenient Sit to Stand Desk


The Pro Plus 36 is designed to accommodate dual monitor setups and larger work spaces.

benefits of a standing desk

It’s two tier layout provides a designated deck for your keyboard and mouse. In addition, you will never have to move any of your accessories or work gear when raising or lowering your desk.

It gets better. The VARIDESK comes pre-assembled, ready to use straight out of the box so you can leave the toolbox in the garage.

No need to build it yourself. Just take it out the box, place it on an existing desk or table and you’re ready to get to business (or you can take it easy getting to know your new best friend)

Risk-Free 30 Day Guarantee

VARIDESK stand behind all of their products 100%. That’s why you can try the Pro Plus 36 out for 30 days, to see whether you like it or not.

refunds and warranty

They’re confident that you’ll have the best stand up desk experience possible. If somehow you don’t love your VARIDESK, you can simply take advantage of the 30-day guarantee.

*It’s advised you keep you original shipping box just in case you need to return your VARIDESK.



==> 100% risk-free guarantee <<< 30 day guarantee


What others are saying about their VARIDESK Pro Plus 36


★★★★★ by Mark

Very pleased with this and has already eased my back pain. Looking to purchase another one for my other work site

★★★★★ by Chris

Bought one, loved it… so bought for other staff members with back problems. Really helps reduce strain on lower back…. also for some reason feel more productive.

★★★★★ by Meg

Great product! This and the ActiveMat are must-haves.

★★★★★ by AlanOB

Very sturdy and its very easy to change it from sitting to standing in seconds. Finally some relief from back pain caused by sitting all day.

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The Pro Plus series are VARIDESKS best-selling models. People who use them – love them. They’ll make your work and leisure activities more comfortable and productive.

More importantly, a VARIDESK will help to alleviate and prevent the very real problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle and too much sitting.

The Pro Plus is fast and incredibly easy to use. You’ll be more inclined to use it and stick to your newly found active office lifestyle.

It’s best to balance your days with a mixture of sitting and standing. That’s why we suggest the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36. We believe it’s by far the best all-rounder on the market.


Stand Up to Sitting Disease

It’s time to take a stand.

There’s enough evidence to suggest that “sitting disease” (as Dr.A.Levine coined it) will indiscriminately rob you of your health and quality of life.

But for that to happen you must let it. We both know you’re different. You deserve the best from life and more.

From both a health and business perspective this simple change is revolutionary and has changed many lives, including ours at Back Quality Ergonomics.

It’s an easy and practical solution that you can start today and it will serve you for years to come.

Don’t let sitting disease rob you any longer. Make the change.

==> change the way you work and feel <<< Stand up to sitting disease






VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36